Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ISO Flag Mgmt Team

Bushwhack Adventures is looking for a team of adventure racers to assist with hanging and retrieving CP flags for the BAR10. This "team" should consist of at least two people, but can have more. In return, the team members will each earn 24 hours of race credit towards future Bushwhack Adventures races.

Like any racing team, there should be at least one capable navigator on the team. Any locations for flags to be hung will be pre-marked for precision. The team can expect to be out on the course during the race, even during the night. As officially-racing teams exit from a section of the course, this flag mgmt team can retrieve the flags from that section. Not all sections will be available to be retrieved before the 24 hour race is over, but every little bit helps. The remaining flags will need to be retrieved after the race ends. The "team" may also get to man a TA for a while in order to be in position to clean up a section as soon as it's free of racers.

A different set of "rules" will apply for this team. Use of vehicles, GPS, and splitting up will be permitted. The team members will also receive BAR10 pint glasses and race hats. Others may also join in after the race to help retrieve flags. There will be no penalties or a cutoff time, but we're hoping to have all flags retrieved by the end of the day on Sunday, Sep 19th.

If you're interested, please contact Don via
 Info at GoBushwhack dot com

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