Monday, July 26, 2010

BAR10 Location Announced!!

If you were smart enough to google Tom Dooley and learn where he was from, you probably guessed that we've been looking at the W. Kerr Scott Reservoir and associated trail systems to be part of the BAR10 event. If not, then I just told you where it was. :)

More specifically, the Start/Finish location for BAR10 will be at the Dark Mountain Trailhead parking field at the W. Kerr Scott Dam, just west of Wilkesboro, NC. Click this link to see a Google map centered on this location.

We're finalizing plans to start the 24 hour race between 11am and noon on Saturday Sep18th. That should give many racers the chance to drive in that morning. For those coming from further away, there are campgrounds nearby, as well as hotels in Wilkesboro. There will not be any camping provided on Friday night. The Start/Finish location is not a campground, but there is potable water there and we'll bring in some portajohns. Racers will only spend a little bit of time there. We have lots of course planned for you, and that's where you'll spend most of your time!

We'll get more details posted soon for the gear list, rules, and schedule, but expect the normal things for a Bushwhack Adventures race - nothing unusual should end up on these.

No bike drops or boat drops will be required. No support team is needed. You will need to bring your own boats (canoe or kayak). Come to the Start/Finish with your teammates, gear, perseverance, stamina, and your readiness for another Bushwhack Adventure!

Registration is now open!

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