Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Field notes

Greetings adventure racers!

Just wanted to tease you with a few thoughts after spending some time on the course last weekend. Those 30 miles of singletrack include some of the sweetest trail I've ever ridden! Sure, "sweet" is a very subjective adjective, but I have no doubt that you'll agree they are FUN! I'm torn between wanting you to ride it all vs letting you put your bushwhack nav skills to the test. You will also be torn between these options once you see it. Just to be fair, not all 30 miles are completely sweet, but it's not an exaggeration to say that at least 2/3's of it is! We're even looking at whether to have this section fall during the day or night, just to increase your ability to enjoy it more.

Last year's BAR suffered from a lack of water for part of the paddling. That was in contrast to last year's IPAR, which had a little more water than expected (understatement?). We think we've got a solution this time that will find the balance at Goldilocks' "just right" level.

Ok, so those hints account for about 50 miles of the 24 hour course. If our target is about 110 miles for the full course, where do the other 60+ miles come in? Trekking will certainly be in there. I'm not sure if I should count the miles that you'll be pushing your bikes as "trekking" or "biking". That could change the numbers a bit. I will tell you that the crippling muscle cramps I experienced last weekend ended up with me dropping the bike just to get off of it. Hopefully you'll come prepared with lots more training under your belt and we'll have much cooler temp's than upper 90's!!

More details to come soon!!


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