Sunday, May 8, 2011

TA time splits added

I've added the TA times in and out to the right side of the Results spreadsheets, if you're interested in analyzing when teams made it to TA's, and how long they stayed.

12 hour detail results spreadsheet
24 hour detail results spreadsheet

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Race reports

Several racers have posted race reports from the Yuki-BAR.

12hr The Thirsty Turtles, also see their video

12hr Northern Lights pictures, video 1video 2

24hr TrailBlazers AR - Charlotte -

24hr Checkpoint Zero/Tech4O

24hr Will Race For Food

24hr Trailblazers AR – Charlotte / Sons of Thunder

24hr Waterlogged Dogwoods

If you've seen others online, or have one yourself, please put a link in the comments below and share it!

Monday, May 2, 2011


Chris Adamczyk's pictures from the event.

A lot of teams took pictures out on the course. Feel free to share them by putting a link in a comment below, or email the link or pictures to

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Yuki-BAR Results

Many thanks to the racers, volunteers, Camp Hanes staff, Yadkin Adventures staff, and Moore Springs trail caretakers who made the Yuki-BAR a success! We set out two demanding courses with plenty of adventure and challenge. We'd love to hear what the racers thought was the highlight of the course - please leave a comment below. Was it the zipline ride over the lake? Was it fording the Yadkin River with your bikes? Was it the view from the top of Pilot Mountain's Little Pinnacle? Was it the quick ride down a fast-flowing Yadkin? Was it the mid-race biscuits and coffee at the Rockford General Store?

The courses were designed as a series of Sections. Each Section featured a particular discipline. CP's in each Section could be punched in any order, but the Sections were to be done in order. A couple of teams added in another Section that involved a sit-down breakfast at CJ's Cafe in Pinnacle, NC. Total possible points were 2400 for the 24 hour course and 1200 for the 12 hour course.

The verified results are listed in the table below, and in these links to the details.

12 hour detail results spreadsheet
24 hour detail results spreadsheet

Thanks for racing!