Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Race reports

Several racers have posted race reports from the Yuki-BAR.

12hr The Thirsty Turtles, also see their video

12hr Northern Lights pictures, video 1video 2

24hr TrailBlazers AR - Charlotte -

24hr Checkpoint Zero/Tech4O

24hr Will Race For Food

24hr Trailblazers AR – Charlotte / Sons of Thunder

24hr Waterlogged Dogwoods

If you've seen others online, or have one yourself, please put a link in the comments below and share it!


  1. Team Will Race For Food's write-up here:

  2. Thanks for sharing these race reports! It's a great way for the rest of us to race the course vicariously, and for RD's to learn what went on while we were patiently waiting at TA's!

  3. Here's a video from the Thirsty Turtles...

  4. Norther Lites had a great time racing the 12-hr. Here is some proof pics and video:

    Thanks to RD's Don, Pat, and Dave!